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 COCOGOLD is a luxe 100% natural beauty range - handmade with love in Cape Town, SA! A range of coconut products, infused with other natural and organic botanical oils, aims to beautify the skin, naturally and effectively! We do not test on animals!

“For most of my life I’ve suffered from the sensitive skin and eczema and although there are now more options available to those with sensitive skin, they aren’t all 100% natural – without harmful chemicals and preservatives. Inspired by trips to tropical islands, living in sunny Cape Town, and a quest for endless summers, Cocogold began. It was initially because I found that there were limited natural sun protection and tan enhancement options available to me, so I created my own using organic and natural plant-based ingredients sourced locally. I tested it on a few friends who couldn’t wait to purchase a bottle and from there on grew the range to include more options based on the wonderful fruit that is the Coconut!” – Jeanne, Founder of Cocogold.

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