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Hello from Auckland, New Zealand

Always fun and vibrant Piha represents freedom, travel, exploration and fun for the bold new generations.

Inspired by the awesome beauty of Piha Beach, the latest fashion trends and the ultimate traveller’s destinations.

Have fun, look amazing and live your dreams..


Hello from New Zealand!

We are passionate about swimwear and proud to have been New Zealand’s leading swimwear maker since we started creating our iconic designs in 1980. Today, we proudly fly the New Zealand flag around the world, so you are never far from our famous swimwear!

We realise that for most women, a swimsuit is probably the least amount of clothing they will be seen wearing in public, so we are passionate about creating the best fit available, made with love from the finest swimwear fabrics the world has to offer. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful shapes, which are both sexy and practical with fittings available up to a DD cup.

At Moontide, our vision is to give beach confidence to women everywhere, with our styles reflecting the free spirit and soul synonymous with New Zealand. We hope you enjoy wearing our garments wherever summer takes you.

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